A detailed look at the All on 4® Dental Implant procedure by Richardson, TX dentist Dr. Nish Kapadia.

Video Transcript

What are All on 4® Dental Implants?

So the All-on-4 is a option for replacing teeth when you’ve lost all your teeth. All-on-4 usually means that you have about four, maybe six implants in your jaw placed after you’ve lost your teeth. And a bridge is attached to those four to six implants.

When you’ve lost all your teeth, you have the option of a full denture. If you’ve ever had a full denture, you know it’s not going to be quite as comfortable as your natural teeth. You have use a lot of glue to help keep it in.

When you’re eating or chewing on it, it can kind of pop out on you, which can be kind of embarrassing when you’re out at a party or a wedding or anything. The All-on-4 eliminates that. The teeth are screwed in. They’re tied in. They don’t come out. They’re permanent, and the closest thing to natural teeth and the natural chewing function that you can get.