Does Invisalign Hurt by Richardson, TX dentist Dr. Nish Kapadia.

Video Transcript

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Initially there’s a little soreness, just like with any orthodontics. The trays are rigid trays that apply a little pressure to your teeth to help move them in the right position. When you first put those trays in, you’re going to feel that pressure which can cause a little soreness on the teeth. And that usually resolves in a day or two.

Those trays usually keep for about two weeks. You keep that one tray in for about two weeks. At the end of that two-week time, you’re probably not feeling any pressure or discomfort. And at that time, we change out to a new set of trays.

When that new set is first put in, you’re going to feel that pressure again and possibly have a little bit of soreness again, but that’s about it.